Kenneth Flathaug Photography

About me


Who am I?

If someone told me when I was younger, that I would love being outdoors, hiking, camping or chasing the light and aurora I would not believed them! 

Hi, I'm Kenneth a hobby photographer and outdoor enthusiast. I mostly do landscape photography, but also the occasional wedding and birthday etc. Contact me for more info on that.

I moved to Bodø from Oslo because of my girlfriend and completely fell in love with the city and nature. The first year in Bodø I was still caught in the mindset of someone who has lived in a big city all their life, but I gradually became to love being outdoors.
After that first year, I felt like something was missing, I had no particular hobby and felt a little bit bored.  

When I was younger, I used to borrow my dads dslr and photograph roadracing, which I rather enjoyed. So I desided to buy my own. 
Exept for my girlfriend and family, photography is the most amazing thing in my life. It lets me explore my creativity, meet interesting people and learn new things and skills.

If you want to know something else about me or have any questions, please go to my contact page.